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Operational excellence is driven by your leadership. Successful leaders in the contact center industry endorse mastering the big 5 for one reason: measurable results.
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  • Call Center Leadership: mastering the big 5 is the first of its kind. It is also a magnificent, major, and unique contribution to the literature on call centers. As such, it is a must buy and must have for all those involved in managing and/or engaging call centers as part of their marketing and sales strategies. If Tom Calvert's and Dawn Willging's carefully laid out instructions and plans are followed to the letter, your marketing and sales strategies will improve and move closer to perfection.

    - Alan Pearce, Ph.D., President, Information Age Economics, Inc., former Chief Economist, Federal Communications Commission
  • Call Center Leadership: mastering the big 5 can help sales and service professionals at any level improve their performance and the skills of those around them. Full of wit and wisdom, Calvert and Willging cleverly show how attention to detail and a commitment to quality can help any contact center lift it's operations to a higher level. From the agent to the supervisor and on up to the site executive, mastering the big 5 offers insights and sound best practices that can transform the contact center workplace. Anyone in the sales and customer service environment can learn a great deal from this book.

    - Keith Dawson, author of the Call Center Handbook, former Editorial Director of Call Center Magazine
  • Tom Calvert and Dawn Willging have created the first real guide to leadership in the contact center world. Their work is fundamental to any successful contact center operation. mastering the big 5 is practical, powerful, and priceless. Tom and Dawn use real life experiences to share pages and pages of commonsense ideas that will drive front line results. Terrific!

    - Jeff Brown, VP of Customer Care, Comcast Corporation
  • Call Center Leadership: mastering the big 5 is a practical and engaging book which provides foundational basics every contact center leader needs to be successful. Tom Calvert & Dawn Willging provide and easyto follow, proven method to develop an average leader into a high performing leader. If you have been recently promoted to contact center management this book is a MUST READ, follow the roadmap and you will quickly become a rising star. If you are veteran of the industry it is a MUST READ, it will re-energize you and help refine your leadership skills.

    - Carmen Bell, SVP Sales, Wells Fargo Consumer Credit Group - Direct To Consumer
  • Call Center Leadership: mastering the big 5 should be required reading for all contact center leaders! It is the only teaching guide of its kind that details -- in a very understandable and simplified manner -- proven ways to maximize performance in the contact center environment. Tom and Dawn outline reality-based actions that can be quickly implemented by all levels of contact center management. Great book!

    - Mike May, VP, Qwest, Small Business Sales & Service

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 For supervisors, mtb5 is the perfect complement to your company’s hiring, development, and leadership processes. For managers & executives, the mtb5 System Of Success (SOS) will simplify your approach, involve your people, and rally your entire contact center organization to achieve greatness!

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- Reduce Employee Attrition

- Improve Performance/KPIs

- Develop Strong Leaders

- Increase Employee Satisfaction

- Create a Winning Culture


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