mtb5 Leadership Workshops are where the strategies & techniques that create operational excellence come to life in your contact center organization. mtb5 Leadership Workshop outcomes are concentrated on the reality and challenges your leaders face every day executing the big 5 success factors.

  1. Hiring The Very Best Every Time
  2. Developing People For Unprecedented Results
  3. Creating Your Highest Employee Satisfaction
  4. Building Strong Teams
  5. Driving Key Metrics For Maximum Impact

mtb5 Leadership Workshops are customized for delivery with each level within your contact center enterprise… supervisors, managers, site directors, VPs and support leaders. Leadership workshops are facilitated and delivered by mtb5 experts who have years of real-life experience leading contact center teams to success.

Why Workshops

As you can see from our customers, mastering the big 5 Leadership Workshops change the way your front line leaders think about where they work and what they do. mtb5 Leadership Workshops achieve two important things for your contact center organization.

  • First, they send a positive spirit through your leaders that translates to immediate performance gains and a newfound enthusiasm.
  • Secondly, mtb5 Leadership Workshops provide your leaders with the tactics, strategies and tools they need to sustain performance gains long-term.

mtb5 Leadership Workshops change the way your leaders think about the job they do every day and the momentum of your contact center organization forever. Operational excellence starts with mtb5 Leadership Workshops.

How Workshops Work

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