How To Implement SOS

To fully maximize the 3Ms of the System of Success, mtb5 experts conduct knowledge transfers via mtb5 Workshops for Supervisors, Trainers, Managers, Directors, VPs, and Support Leaders complete with post-Workshop knowledge checks & on the job tools to ensure comprehension and implementation.

Based on your needs, mtb5 experts will work hand-in-hand with Site Leaders to implement an Assessment and Organizational Certification Process that ensures operational excellence, repeat success, and easy inspection.

Achieve Record-Setting Profits with the 3Ms of the mtb5 System Of Success (SOS)

1 Meeting of the Minds

The consistent process for meeting to inspect, measure and update big 5 Key Objectives.

2 Matrix Management Tool

The tool that organizes your big 5 Key Objectives with Owners, Measurements, Targets, Follow-Up Dates and Sponsors.

3 Messaging the Masses

The communication process that rallies your entire team around the big 5 at all levels.

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