What our Customers Say

mtb5 workshops are about driving operational excellence at all levels.

VPs and above

I have seen an increase in team morale and more confidence from our leadership team. mtb5 is not just traditional training, it is highly operational and drives results. We are starting to see increases in all of our metrics and this has been because of the increased engagement of the team. The big 5 has been a Big Help for us.

Attrition per month has dropped an impressive 22% since implementing mtb5 principles. I attribute this to an overall satisfaction focus by the site that we are driving through the 3Ms from the top to the front line. The System of Success simplified and changed our site for the better in many ways, but attrition reduction has been the most easily quantified, visible result.

Managers & Directors

Not only did we learn great mtb5 approaches for the Manager and above level, we also received tools to help us inspect and reinforce what our supervisors learned. This made it very easy to implement for those of us with many direct reports, and we’ve seen substantial cost reductions and productivity gains in our KPIs already.

Excellent material, leadership, and delivery. Hard to go wrong when you have those 3 aspects so well-defined and honed.

I truly got a lot out of the mtb5 workshop (and even enjoyed it!) because it was specific to the contact center needs. I have been to training sessions before and found them somewhat generic, boring and hard to apply because the examples didn’t seem “real-life”. That is not the case with mtb5, time flew by and I implemented things with my team before the workshop was even over!


My team’s efficiency improved from the mid 70s to low to mid 80’s, plus the whole team is more unified and focused on achieving our goals every day. Quality and Productivity are up, and my attrition is down. I never expected this much from a training class!

I loved this workshop, it was the best, and most relevant I have had in my career. Everyone should take this when they are first promoted, then revisit it again at different points in their career, there’s something for everyone. I’ve been here years and learned a lot that I wish I knew before.

This was the highest impact training I have ever attended, and I would recommend this for any contact center leader. It inspired me to want to become a better leader and put me on the right path. My results prove it works plus everyone is happier – my employees, my clients, my customers and my company! Thanks mbt5!

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