What and Why

The big 5 are the five most important success factors in achieving contact center operational excellence:

  1. Hiring The Very Best Every Time
  2. Developing People for Unprecedented Results
  3. Creating Your Highest Employee Satisfaction
  4. Building Strong Teams
  5. Driving Key Metrics for Maximum Impact

Why mtb5?

It’s so simple. Companies that implement mtb5 don’t think they are achieving operational excellence…they know it. Companies that implement mtb5 realize hundreds of $1,000’s in cost savings and revenue gains all while achieving extraordinary employee satisfaction and corporate culture. The mtb5 System of Success transforms the Contact Center workplace into a fun, exciting, profit-driving machine that is an irreplaceable asset to your company. How do you know? We guarantee it!

mtb5 LLC is an industry leading consultancy committed to achieving
operational excellence for our clients. Mastering the big 5 is critical to the success
and growth of any contact center enterprise.

How We Work

Contact Us at TCandDawn@mtb5.com or (866) WIN-mtb5 to learn more!