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mtb5 books are what your contact center leaders have been waiting for!

Written for the Supervisors, Managers, and Site Directors who lead nearly 200,000 contact centers worldwide, mastering the big 5 goes beyond books written on the subject of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to concentrate on the critical role that each of these leadership positions play in the success (or failure) of your company’s vital contact center operation.

mastering the big 5 shows Supervisors, Managers, and Site Directors how through strong leadership and a simple, yet dynamic System of Success (SOS) they can transform their teams and contact center into an energizing asset that engages customers, increases sales, and lifts quality performance, all while reducing costly absenteeism and attrition.

mastering the big 5 books are a fun, engaging, and easy-to-read look at how leadership can change everything in your contact center. If you want to improve customer and client satisfaction, raise sales, improve quality, and reduce costs… mastering the big 5 is for you.

Why buy a book

mtb5 books have been endorsed by many luminaries in the contact center industry and are an invaluable desktop resource for your leadership teams at every level: Supervisors, Managers, Site Directors and above. No matter how you choose to implement mtb5 in your sites and across your enterprise, mtb5 books provide your leaders the “at your fingertips” resource needed to always reinforce and execute mtb5 key techniques and strategies that result in operational excellence.


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