Corporate Licensing

mtb5 Corporate Licenses are the best way for your organization to achieve operational excellence as a “way of life” in your contact centers. For a one-time fee mtb5 Corporate Licenses provide your company with unlimited usage of all mtb5 tools and resources with unlimited change authority for perfect customization for your contact center’s needs.

Why Licensing

mtb5 Corporate Licenses are the best way to achieve operational excellence in your contact center organization. You know your contact center needs best. mtb5 Corporate Licenses provide you with the ability to customize mtb5 materials to meet your organizations needs and maximize your benefits.

  • Do your agents have fun at work?
  • Are your supervisors satisfied?
  • Do you have a program to develop your future supervisor leadership skills?
  • Do your managers operate systematically or sporadically?
  • Do your contact centers consistently measure the impacts of their actions?
  • Are your contact centers achieving operational excellence?

Achieving operational excellence on your own is hard. mastering the big 5 Corporate Licenses are easy, cost effective and highly impactful. Achieve operational excellence with mtb's powerful set of tools and resources!

How Licensing Works

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