How Licensing Works

mtb5 experts make it easy for you to achieve operational excellence. We work hand-in-hand with you to teach you how to master the big 5. From mtb5 Leadership workshops to full-scale organizational implementation & certification, mtb5 experts work with you to implement the mtb5 System Of Success (SOS) for long-term operational excellence.

mtb5 experts provide you with all the education, tools and resources to make mtb5 a way of life in your organization:

  • Initial mtb5 expert-facilitated Leadership Workshops for all levels, including mtb5 books
  • mtb5 Expert-Facilitated Train-the-Trainers
  • mtb5 Leadership Workshop Participant Guides
  • mtb5 Leadership Workshop Leader Guides
  • mtb5 Job Aids, Tools, and Resources
  • Unlimited Change Authority for all mtb5 materials

mtb5 Corporate Licenses provide you with the “keys to the castle”.
mtb5 is operational excellence in action!

Contact Us at or (866) WIN-mtb5 to learn more!