The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

Welcome to the Bottom Line! Our mission is to assist and enable your efforts in achieving operational excellence in your contact center enterprise. We will do this via industry-leading thought leadership, this newly created operational excellence blog & social media platforms, as well as new and enhanced mtb5 products and services that create and sustain operational excellence.

To celebrate our launch, mtb5 is honored to be a featured columnist in this month’s (June) Edition of Contact Center Pipeline. Check it out at

Over the next several months mtb5 will introduce meaningful discussions on this blog with the goal of assisting you in achieving operational excellence. Learn from industry leaders, share your ideas on operational excellence, and take your contact center enterprise to the next level with your friends at! Please feel free to post your thoughts, ideas and questions here about the topics you’d like to explore around the big 5 and we will let the blogging begin! What questions, successes, ideas, challenges do you have around achieving operational excellence with the big 5? Let us know!

1) Hiring the Very Best Time Every Time

2) Developing People for Unprecedented Results

3) Creating your Highest Employee Satisfaction

4) Building Strong Teams

5) Driving Key Metrics for Maximum Impact

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Keep mastering the big 5!

TC and Dawn

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