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New Hire Attrition: Solving A Costly Problem

Solving the problem of new hire agent attrition is an ongoing challenge in contact centers, and more than likely, on your team. The cost of agent attrition ranges from $2,500/Per Agent to $9,500+ (depending on industry). These costs are based on average agent tenure. The cost of losing an agent in their first 90 days of employment are significantly higher due to a combination of recruiting/hiring costs and a reduced agent lifespan. This costly combination cripples the ROI in the agent-turnover cost equation.

While completely eliminating new hire agent attrition is a pipe dream. Reducing it is entirely within our control as contact center leaders. The benefits go beyond cost reduction. For example, every day an agent stays with your team and company, they become more proficient at their task, and thereby more productive.

The benefits are simple… reduced costs + improved performance = increased profitability for you, your team, and company. In our book, mastering the big 5, we have outlined several fundamental approaches you can take as a Supervisor, Trainer, Manager, or Director to positively impact employee satisfaction, morale, and productivity. Here are a couple tidbits you may consider implementing…

ACCLIMATE YOUR NEW HIRES TO YOUR TEAM – Introduce them at the first opportunity to your team and have a simple welcome reception. Talk to them about where they will sit, who they will be sitting next to, and why.

ASSIGN A MENTOR – Ideally, this would be who they would sit next to. Ensure your Mentor reinforces the same skills that were taught in training, and that you will teach in your development sessions. This consistent message from Trainer, Supervisor, and Mentor builds confidence.

SET EXPECTATIONS – Talk with your new hire about the basic expectations you have for them as an Agent and as a teammate.

ORIENT THEM TO THE COACHING PROCESS – This is where you “Set the Stage”, outline the process for
coaching and development, and ask your new Agent how they want to be coached to success.

These are just a few of the items you can implement from the mtb5 “Captain’s Checklist”.What are some things you do to reduce your 0-90 day agent attrition? We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas. Share your ideas with other contact center leaders right here and benefit from the exchange…

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